Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's the little things.......

Okay, here's the set-up: Yesterday was my oldest sister's birthday, and I had that little rough painting to give her, and she only lives about 15 blocks away from Piano Girl's teacher, so I stopped by there this afternoon and put her gift on her front porch.

I had just got back in the car and buckled my seatbelt, when who should pull up but my nephew, S (until I come up with a cool blog nickname for him). He had just come from getting new brakes and tires on his old car (my soon-to-be new car), and had stopped by to see if his mom was home and could drive him to the car repair place to get his new car (his brother, C's car). She wasn't, but I was. So we followed him home where he dropped off his old car, got to have a tour of his house, and then dropped him off at the car repair place so he could get his new car. It was perfect timing and I was glad to see him and glad to be of service. And what happened next is what has had me smiling the entire evening.

As he was saying goodbye, he kissed me. Just like he always did when we said goodbye when he was a kid (We have always been a kissy family.). Such a small gesture, but so very special. You know how with some people, you can go for a long time without seeing them, but when you do, it is like you have only been apart a week? It has been like that with S, and I just feel so blessed to be a part of his life again. He is an amazing, inteligent young man, who is a joy to be around. It makes me happy just to be spending time with him. It is wonderful to share in his life, and have him be active in his cousins' lives again- my kids adore him, and he and the Boy have a great deal in common. I think S may be the mentor/friend we have been seeking for the Boy for so long.

I think there may be another benefit here too- the grief we all feel as we deal with C's death is still painfully real and constant, but I think (hope?) it will help to be coping with it together as a family. Being able to talk to S, and to hear how he is feeling has been so helpful with coping with my own feelings, and being supportive of his parents.

That's it. Thought I would share with you. Amazing how so small a thing can put an old auntie on cloud nine.
Ta Ta For Now

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Pamela said...

Mmmm.... Divine order ~ perfect unfoldment ~nice ~ thanks for sharing.