Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Catch-up post

Oh heavens, I have let 3 days slip by without keeping in touch with you!
Monday I left the kids at Gramma's and had a delightful belated birthday lunch with one of my dearest friends. She has so been there for me since I was in high school. During that time, when things were tough between my Mama and myself, she was there for me. When the kids were born, she started giving them books on every holiday, and hasn't stopped yet. Now that they are older, she takes them out for their birthdays,too. We ate a delightful lunch of quiche and salad, walked around the stores at Country Village, and all in all had a great time. There are ducks, chickens, and rabbits that roam around the shopping area, and if a certain child had not confiscated my camera from my coat pocket, I would have taken pictures for you.

But as it is, I will content myself with showing you a picture of the treasure I found while we were there. Yes, I am wearing fuzzy yellow slippers, yes, I am chunky, and yes, it is a silly pose, but it looks better than the one where I am being serious. This is much more "me", and it shows the coat off to the best effect. It has bright blue roses and bright green polka dots, made out of silk brocade, from Istanbul, and was very reasonably priced, and will be a treasure that I can wear for years to come. Finding amazing wardrobe pieces is finally happening for me! Woohoo! Also, if you click on the picture, you can see my short-short hair, and the crabapple and other new blooms in the shade bed here. This is my fave sitting place.

The Papa Dude said I could post a picture of him. Here he is, lounging on the bench he and the kids made for me a few years ago. He is watching the kids look for eggs. I chose this picture even though the Dude is slouching, because you can see our new cherry tree in front. We call this the "Sexy Bark Tree". It has this smooth, shiny, gorgeous bark that just calls out to be touched and rubbed. I love this tree, and the man who bought it and planted it for me.
This is a closeup of one of the two little dogwoods we have in the front cottage garden. Papa has called them "showy" (in the way one would refer to a lady of ill repute), but I think they are pretty.
Here are the kids, looking for eggs. I tell you, the Girl was hot, and the Boy was not. If he found one egg to every 10 she found, he was lucky! If they had been snakes, we would have been in the emergency room, praying hard! We had an abundance of eggs this week, what with our chickens, and the 30 or so we are chicken-sitting, so the kids and Gramma dyed over 4 dozen! There were tons of eggs to hide and find.
Here's one, hidden in plain sight, in the dogwood, that both kids walked by a gazillion times. I kid you not, a gazillion times.
Back to the catch-up. The kids stayed overnight at Gramma's, the Dude and I had a silly 3am argument, and got little sleep. On Tues, we had lunch with the kids's Godfather. He treated us to yummy Indian food. We had a fabulous time. When we got home yesterday evening, the Dude and I made up. (We let the kids watch a stupid movie very early in the evening while we did so. If we had had otter pops, they would have had those too!;-)
There, I posted! Now off to do some Classical Writing, and then go see Gramma.


Pamela said...

I love the pictures. Great shots of you and the fella ~ and the gardens! The shade beds are looking especially good. Crab apples have always been one of my Spring favorites. Such pretty buds and blossoms. I am hoping to acquire one someday, maybe soon! Not to mention the benches and sitting ares! ...and, you are so right about the sexy bark! Y'all are such good examples of garden care. I have got to get motivated and catch up on our garden tending or else the garden party crew will have to accept a bit more "natural northwest" than usual!

Glad you had a nice time with the Godfather. I hear he and his office staff loved your visit.... brainstorming ideas for the Young Miss' fund raising efforts, and the eggs! Darn that I had a meeting and missed out on joining you. Looking forward to next time ~ such prosperity!

By the way, Godfather tells me the scrambled eggs he made for lunch yesterday were the best ever :)

Hugs to the kids and kitties, Toodles,

Needleroozer said...

So glad he liked the eggs. SO many people tell me once they have them, they never want to go back to store bought.
I am planning a separate post on the fundraising idea, and may even create a blog just for that, but we have a deal that we have to run everything by the YM's piano teacher, and I haven't been able to reach her all week!
We love all of GF's work buddies- such a nice group of folks!
By the way- did you settle on a firm date for the Party? Was it the 19th? Because I *think* that date is when YM has her next group recital. I guess I need to email or call you about that.