Friday, April 13, 2007

Tidbit #9 Comments and cleaning

I know there are several of you who read my pitiful little blog, but my dears, only about 3 of you comment. Maybe I scared you off with that last picture of myself? Maybe I need to comment more on all y'all's blogs more often in order for you to comment here? Maybe I need to get one of those site meter thingies, so I can keep track a bit more? I guess what I am asking is, "Could ya' comment once in a while?!" Let me know you care. Or that you don't. ;-)

OK, we went to the zoo yesterday for nature study and had a grand time- I will post photos later, but right now, the laundry pile is huge, and the living room looks disgusting, so I am off with wild CD's in hand to rock out and get some cleaning done. Guess I will get out of my jammies, first.


© 2003-2007 M-mv said...

Well, I generally avoid comments, but I stop by now and again. Hey, and frankly? I liked the last photo -- I liked it even better than the profile photo, in fact. It's so fun and *real.*

Best regards.


Needleroozer said...

Hey Thanks, MFS!
See, I didn't know you visited! Thanks for stopping by to say Hi.
Finding this great coat reminded me of your cape- do you wear it much?

Bridget said...

I read your blog everyday and love it. Sorry for the lack of comments. Come visit me over at my blog sometime and feel free to leave me a comment.

Sue B said...

I always pop by when I see you've got a new entry but I am guilty of not commenting :(

by the way, love the yellow fuzzy slippers!

StegArt said...

I'm like Sue, I keep an eye on you in my bloglines, but I'm guilty! I'll try not to be so invisible.....

KathyJo said...

I liked the photos. :) And I'm bad about commenting 'cause I usually can't think of anything to say, but I'm here!

Needleroozer said...

OK, I have to say, 4/5 of you who commented were total surprises to me! Terri and Sue- how cool that you visit my blog- there is not as much art content here as I would like- yet, but both of you inspire me to create and post more of it.

And KathyJo, when I imagine my four readers, you are definately one of them. Hope you know I check yours daily too, even if I don't comment.
THanks gals,

KathyJo said...

Yeah, I know. :) I have a statcounter. LOL

Pamela said...

Uhhum....your blog is NOT pitiful! So glad some of your visitors stopped in to remind you there are more of us out here sharing bright moments wtih you that you realize.


andie said...

I was out of town! I'm home now, and I'm here!

Are you going to fix up a paypal link or something similar for PG's blog?