Friday, April 06, 2007

Sunshiny Day

It was a beautiful, warm spring day. One of those billboard thermometer thingies said it hit 77 degrees. We made the most of it and spent some time out of doors.

Got up on time, supervised chores, kids did a bit of school, got the Boy to school on time (We forgot to go yesterday, we were having so much fun with Gramma!), paid an insanely high amount of bills, ran the same bills around to be paid, did some Spring clothes shopping at Value Village (I actually found some pretty things in my size that will work for everyday, but look a bit dressier than jeans and a teeshirt.), came home and saw Papa for about 10 minutes before he left for class tonight, then took the kids to our fave fish n chips hangout, and we read and they did more school work while we waited an hour (Friday night and all) for our yummy fish, then we went for a walk (my third walk is as many days, yay for me!), came home, washed and brushed, and they are both tucked up in bed before 9:30. Cool! I am off to the tub for a bath, then off to bed with me, too.

We will not be sleeping in tomorrow, as Papa is due somewhere at 10 am. We want to get some family time in. The kids and I only saw him for about 30 minutes today, so we still haven't really connected since before he left on Tuesday. I think I will fix a nice brekky complete with sausage,eggs, and bacon, and then when Papa leaves, we will head over to Gramma's. She needs a grocery store trip, and then I am hoping we can talk her into coming down here to spend the day with us. We love it when she is here, and she is so happy once she gets down here. It is so much better than her being alone and bored, and not even knowing it was so warm and sunny outside today. She was hinting about weeding again. With her and the kids helping, we may be able to get the potato/tomato bed done. I also need to get the bed for the peas done this weekend- they need to be planted very soon.

I am hoping to spend some time in the studio this weekend as well. Now that it is tidy, I have a bunch of fibers to experiment with, some more painting to do, and some fabric triangles to cut out.

That's it for now. I hope you have a great weekend!


Jean in Wisconsin said...

G'mornin'! 77?

My boys just drove off to turkey hunt; wind chill: 6.


77 sounds good right now, but then I would not have my wood stove running, would I? :-)


Pamela said...

Glory my it was a beauty of a day wasn't it?

Hoping you were able to lure Grama out for a visit and some garden time. Aren't we humans funny? So many times we "think" we don't want to get out and get doing, but when we do, we are so delighted later that we did.

The garden sounds like it is coming along nicely!

Happy day,

P :)