Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How do I choose?

It's time for the Annual Homeschool Blog Awards.
How do I choose when more than one of my blog homies are nominated for the same award?! For example, Amy and Dy are both nominated for the funniest blog. Sigh. I read both of these ladies' blogs daily. I consider both of them to be dear friends. And I think they are both a hoot. How do I choose?!


Nan said...

I guess ya just have to flip a coin.... then you can know that you showed no favoritism. :^D

pamela said...

Cool! I had no idea there was an award for these fabulous and delightful resources and venues for showing some of the incredible creativity and joy of life that is out and about in our world.

Thanks for sharing,

"fan lady" Pam

Dy said...

Well, I voted for Amy. She's funnier than I am. :-)


kitten_mc said...

I guess I'm lost on this blog award thingy. I read on Regular Mom's blog about some awards. I didn't know anything about blogs till I had been on the DJ for a while. I'm not looking for an award, but would like to vote. Could you give me a heads up on how all this works?