Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The rest of the day

Well, this is a bit backwards, but we will start with the mural I am working on in the studio, cuz that is the way the pics got uploaded. Here is what I have done so far. The leaves on the right are still wet- they will darken up a bit and match the others a bit more when they dry. Mama and I drank some wine, listened to music, and chatted while I worked on this after supper tonight. And supper was great! Roasted beets and carrots (overwintered in the garden, and not tough at all!), bread, sheep cheese, salami, olives, and organic wine (I mixed mine with pomegranite juice.)

Here is a closeup of one of the leaves. I will be decorating all the leaves, this is the only one so far that has any special touches.

Here is another closeup, just for fun.

And now for the earlier part of the day. It was gorgeous, and we ended up outside, weeding. We got the whole root bed done. Here is the Fine Young Man, actually caught in the act of weeding. Most of the time he was chasing bugs or swinging sticks around.
While we were weeding, the Young Miss tended to her chickens. Here you see her putting fresh straw in one of the runs. I think there is a chicken or two on the far left of the pic if you enlarge it. I promise a chicken post next post!
Here is my fave pic of the day. My Mama does not like her pic taken, but actually allowed me to get this one, maybe cuz it just shows her back. Here she is in all her glory, showing that even though she is blind, she still can get all the roots of any ol' weed, any ol' day. Man do I love her. We have had such a good day. She is staying the night again tonight, which I am grateful for, ad Papa Dude is away, and I have a dentist appt. at 7 am tomorrow. She will get the kids breakfast and supervise morning chores, and then when I get back, we are attacking the big potato/tomato bed. This is the biggest bed I have, so it should be interesting to see if we actually can get the whole thing done tomorrow.
OK, that's all for gardening. Now to start working on the chicken post.


KathyJo said...

Sounds like a lovely day, except for the dentist and Papa Dude being gone. I'm hoping my mama will get to visit this summer. She also does not usually allow photos. She's prone to, ah, giving us obscene gestures if we try. :}

Pamela said...

Giggle ~ I loved Kathyjo's comments about Mama photos. My Mom doesn't like photos either. Goodness ~ we tease her when she complains that she really does want us to take more! Get her laughing and silly, always lightens the moment.

Great gardening! Love the pictures of the family at work. Terrific tap root on that Grama weed.

Best wishes on the dental appt. It will be over soon, and you will have it taken care of ~ yae!

Create a great Thursday,


Needleroozer said...

Tee hee ladies. I copped out on the dentist when I woke about 4 am and my neck was troubling me again. If I had sat in a dental chair for two hours, I wouldn't have been able to move it at all. My mama probably wouldn't be too happy if she had to wait for the Dude to get home to take her home because I couldn't turn my head enough to drive.
Gotta get this neck thing worked out- I can't seem to do the dentist thing at all without it going, and with it already sore, it is just too much.
Gramma's back is sore from weeding yesterday, so so far today, we are just sitting around listening to the Young Miss playing piano.
Lovely music and coffee. Works for me.