Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cleaning Day

Papa had a commitment last night, at the same time that I had my Classical Ed. meeting, so I dropped the kids off at Gramma's house, then picked the whole lot of them up at 9:30. Papa was already asleep, so I couldn't show him my new haircut (I took a pleasant hour before my meeting to get my hair cut short-short, and have fish and chips while reading the newest Quilting Arts Mag- a delightful and restorative break!). I tucked Gramma into the Young Miss's bed, which she freshly made yesterday, and tucked the YM up onto the couch. The Fine YOung Man was crabby, but I kissed him anyway, and crawled into bed.

I was awakened at 6 this morning by the Dude kissing me goodbye and rubbing my shorn head with a giggle. He is headed to SPokane on a business trip, so I won't see him for a couple of days (but hopefully he is reading this blog, like he promised!). We got up for real at 8, had sausage, eggs (anyone want to buy some fresh eggs? We are inundated with tons of eggs!), and english muffins, and though it isn't noon yet, we have been folding laundry, doing dishes, making beds, etc. Gramma is as I type this, sitting on the Boy's bed foliding lundry and supervising his room cleanup. Amy- Some of the garbage consisted of : 4 dirty glasses, a bowl that was obviously holding sugar at one point, grape stems, desicated orange peels, and 6 shriveled apple cores.
The Fine Young Miss entertained Gramma with her piano practice, and we are getting ready to have homemade cherry pie for lunch (the kids and I made it on Sunday, and it calls to be finished off!).

Sigh. I will try to upload some pics later tonight. Right now, Mama is calling out for more hangers. Gotta clean while the motivator is here! Guess schoolwork can be home economics today, hmmm?

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Pamela said...

How fun. That Grama ~ what a gal! I loved the descriptive sentances about the pick up observations. Great adjectives, especially loved a bowl that had once held sugar :) More LB writing please!!!

Looking forward to checking out your new hair do ~

Trusting you are all well and enjoying the coming of Spring. Hugs to all for me.