Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Baby steps, or, Is it Time to Quilt Yet?

While I was sick this month (hard to believe I was down for the count for a whole 4 weeks!), I spent some time perusing my fabrics. Baby steps.

When it got easier to read, but the Count of Monte Cristo was still making my head hurt, I started going back over my quilting books, and reading lots of quilting blogs. Baby steps.

Last week, I drew while at the zoo, and then today I started making some drawings in my quilting sketch book. Baby steps.

So, now that I am not sick anymore (and yes, I am knocking on my wooden chair), I think it may be time to get started. I still don't have a real place to sew (I am so envious of all the quilting bloggers with their own studios!), and no design wall, but I am going to just start playing with my fabrics, and my sketchbook, and see what happens. Even if it is nothing more than that, that's okay. Baby steps.

I am feeling really stuck creatively, and need to break out. It is both inspiring and challenging to be seeing what others are doing on their blogs (also need to add more links to my sidebar so y'all can see what I am talking about!). It has been almost a year since I have done any quilting of any kind. I have bought lots of fabric, but that probably doesn't count,lol. Time to BE the quilter, and not just think about it anymore. Lots of ideas in my head, now to see what evolves.

Didn't think I'd have to work so hard to be integrity in my art. I do find it a challenge to be a good homeschooling mom, study for myself, keep the house up, AND do art on a daily basis. Guess I should start thinking about implementing routine and ritual again.

Whew! I feel better just from posting this.

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