Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Design wall ideas

Hmmm. I was just over at Mrs. Mel's blog, and noticed this past post on how to build a portable design wall. Hmmmm. Wonder if I could do something like this. It is nice, but I'd like something smaller and even more portable, too, so I could work in my room if I get sick again (I know, bite my tongue.), or that I could travel with, or that I can use now before I get the basement decluttered enough to sew there (real reason).

So I just googled portable design wall. Here is one idea I like once I have the design board- you sew lines 2 inches apart to make a grid. Here is another one that uses foam core board. I get that I can find it at the hardware store, but what does this look like? There was a suggestion here to cut the foamcore board to 36" sq. and then covering it with flannel to avoid having to pin (I hate pinning!). At the same site it was suggested to use one of those trifold boards (like our kids use for science fair displays) and cover it with the back of a vinyl tablecloth.

Hmmmmm. I am really liking some of these ideas. I may have to run to McLendon's tomorrow to look at this foam core board stuff. In the meantime, it is quiet and Papa is dealing with the kids- I hear the tv, but I am not even going to complain about that. I am off to do some more sketching and see if anything wonderful jumps out of my brain into the sketch book.

Edited later to add that Papa just told me there is a piece of foam core in the basement!!!! Woohoo!


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