Monday, February 27, 2006

Bird of the month

If you know me at all, you know by now, that I love birds. I can sit and watch and listen to them for hours. On several birthdays, my gift from my family has been to go birdwatching. I am known for having hundreds of fave birds- they are so beautiful in feather and voice, how could I pick just one?! So from now on, I think I will focus on one beautiful bird a month, sharing it's particular beauty with you. I know it isn't quite March yet, but I cannot wait to share this bird with you!

The last two times I have been to the zoo, I have spent a huge amount of time in front of this bird drawing and watching him, just enthrawled. The Blue-spangled cotinga, Cotinga cayana, resides in the tropical rain forests of Suriname, one of 17 Cotinga species found there. The male is quite brilliantly blue, with dark black feathers underneath, that he fluffs out when it rains. Guess that's where the spangle part of his name comes from. He also has this brilliant patch of fuschia on his neck. The female is a dull brown color, but beautiful in her own right, and is no less fun to watch. They have this funny habit of occasionally stretching their necks out long and far. It sort of makes the males look like a bright blue lizard.

Ahhh, the joy of birds. Too bad I'd have to go to the Amazon to see this fellow and his sweet brown wife! Thank goodness for the zoo!

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