Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday update

Well, I am glad I got a couple of things done this weekend, because the pain set in hot and heavy today. I did drive up to visit with my mom, however, and am glad I did. I got a good long Mama Hug, and we sat and chatted on the couch while the kids played with their cousins. I do love my mama. I hope my kids feel the same about me when they are older, and done with the teenage angst.

I finally got an appointment for an MRI, turns out they have a cancelation tomorrow morning at 10 am. Don't even get me started on trying to communicate with my Dr. about that- the receptionist who I dealt with last week is no longer working for my Dr. (Dy and I think she was fired for non-communication and lying to poor pitiful patients like me, lol.), so it was a trying experience to say the least. But I digress.

Specific prayer requests for tomorrow and the rest of this week:
That I will not freak out and have a claustrophobia attack while I am in the tubey thing.
That they see SOMETHING that will be of help to us in this diagnosis.
That I can just relax, give up some control, and be a patient patient this week.

Thanks to everyone who is thinking of me, it does help. It's been a very tough day for me, but I am tucked in bed now, my dh just brought me some chicken noodle casserole (they all hate it but it is a fave comfort food of mine), and he is in charge of the kids, so I will check out now.

Thanks for being there,


Donna Boucher said...

Thinking of you LB.

Do you have someone to go to the MRI with you tomorrow? Even tho we are miles apart...I will be with you in spirit.

10:00 your time....12:00 my time!

God Bless you.


Needleroozer said...

Thanks Donna,
Yes, Papa and the kids will come with me and do school in the waiting room while I am inside. Papa is taking the whole day off, as I am supposed to rest for ten hours afterwards.
Thanks for being with me tomorrow, and through all of this.