Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blueberries are in!

I went to bed with my head pounding, and woke up with it still feeling that way, even with the Vicadin I took. I thought about being melancholy again, and considered just staying in bed all day, but the sun beckoned me out, so I decided to just work through it. That was a good plan. Good choice!

I worked in fits and starts, resting often, and it took all day, but I got the whole blueberry bed (6' X 16' at the widest point) weeded, and the new bushes planted. I have room for a couple more bushes. The Sunset Garden Book says to allow 2 bushes for each person in the household. They don't know how much I love blueberries, I guess. I have 6 now, I'd like about 6 more. That ought to do it for a family of four don'tcha think?

I didn't get the sweet peas or the lilac in, but I still have time. Patty tells me that the traditional time to plant sweet peas is St. Patrick's Day, so I am okay for a couple of weeks.

The sun felt wonderful, and I was a good kid and wore my new sun hat all day. It fits well, doesn't get in the way, and best of all, doesn't look dorky. Cool. At one point, it was warm enough that I was just in shirt sleeves. The robins were singing, too. I enjoyed that.

Papa made oven-fried chicken and potato salad for supper, Girl did the dishes, and now they are all outside by the fire pit. I think I will bundle up a bit and go join in the fun, as much as I would like to just curl up in bed with the Count.



I'm envious of your weather. The ground here in northern Illinois is frozen solid still.

Anyway it sounds like you're very busy in the garden.

I miss the green of spring!

Needleroozer said...

Hi Dave,
Yeah, it's funny to me, cuz the ground was frozen solid just last week!
We are working towards a huge garden, would like to be fairly self-sufficient when it comes to fruits and veggies. It is a lot of work, but it must be done!

Dy said...

You're tougher than I am. I think I'd have curled up w/ the count. ;-)

LOVE the blueberries for your birthday. I think that is so terribly sweet. I've wanted the blackberry bushes for mine - maybe I can get the boys to do it for Mother's Day, instead? (I don't want to be out planting in July! LOL!)

Glad you ended up with a good weekend.