Monday, March 13, 2006

Early Memories

Dave has a neat story on his blog tonight, talking about his earliest childhood memories. Got me to thinking about my own first memories. How far back can you go? Isn't it amazing how our memories arre linked to our senses. Anyhow......
The very first 3 things I can remember all relate to my Grandma Gladys's house in Milwalkie, OR. The very first one is laying on the floor, I think having a diaper changed, at about the age of two. My head is near a low bookcase/shelf/piece of furniture, and I am looking underneath it, examining the texture of the wood.

The second memory is sitting on my Grandma's counter, eating cinnamon toast while she mops the floor on her hands and knees. Maybe three yrs old.

There was a huge willow in the backyard, near the back deck. My big brothers used to braid several branches together, then swing out off the deck, giving a Tarzan yell as they flew. Sometimes I got to be Cheetah, and would hang onto their backs. Maybe 4 yrs old.

Let me know if you blog about your early memories. Cool. Thanks, Dave.

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Nice memories LB