Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hard to do justice with words to such a good day.

What a wonderful day yesterday!
First, I slept in till 10 am. Wonderful and necessary when you aren't sleeping well at night. Kids took it upon themselves to make pancakes. They came out fat and heavy, but I sweetly choked one down and praised them well like a good mama.

Ran to the Dread Meyer to buy everyone new gardening gloves. Stopped back at home and threw them out the car window towards Papa. Then I went back to the fabric store- the one that is having the closing sale. I bought even more than I had on my birthday, but the good news is, I now have a wonderful palette of Japanese fabrics to work with!

I stopped by the Hangout for a quick lunch of F & C, and was able to sit and talk a little bit with OFWITWW (our favorite waitress in the whole world) between her customers. Good to connect with her.

After that, I came home and did some work in the garden. Just for the record, I really do not like to garden, but I do love fresh fruit, veggies and flowers, so I do it anyway. I got the tomato beds, the asparagus bed, and the little patch where the grapes are all weeded yesterday. None of them huge beds, but the good part is that I was able to do it much faster than Saturday, with much less resting. Feeling stronger every day. I think today, I may move the asparagus to the old tomato beds. We are planning on building new beds for the toms this year, and the asparagus just isn't doing well where it is. I need to get some manure to put in all these beds, but the store I usually get it the cheapest at didn't have any yesterday. Well, as everything is still pretty much dormant, it can wait a few days.

After a nice simple supper, we had a fabulous time. Can't really put it into words, but I will try.
Papa put Soft Parade on the stereo upstairs, and turned it on loud, so all could hear it through the house. Kids came up and the three of us took a dance break- danced with wild abandon till we about dropped! I can't even remember the last time I had so much fun with the kids, and felt so free. Hard to verbalize, but was really amazing. Music soothes more than the savage beast! It also helps strengthen the sickly ones!

Then we got back to our routine, albeit a bit late. Got the Girl in the tub, and washed her hair squeaky clean. Hard to do it yourself when it is so very long. Meanwhile, Boy was upstairs doing some computer research for a paper I am having him write. Then Boy's turn in the shower, and Papa braided Girl's hair. While the kids and the Dude were thus occupied, I spread fabric all over the bed- I think I have ideas now for all 6 panels of the screen I am planning. The Japanese fabrics are so rich and luscious, I know I am going to love working with them. My creative juices were flowing for the first time in a year. Boy did that feel good!

After everyone was bathed, brushed, and flossed, and I had quickly sketched and then put away the fabric piles, each parent grabbed a kid, and we all snuggled in, listening to Coleman Hawkins do his thang the way no one else can. It wasn't stories, but every once in a while, spontaneity is a great thing!

Kids were helped downstairs and tucked in, and then so were the parents. I did not sleep again last night, mostly due to another case of night-time hives, but I didn't fret about it either. Instead, I designed about 20 quilts in my head. Just layed there and let the ideas pour in and waft out. It truly was a productive day, and a wonderful evening.

Today's plans:
1. I have to get my paperwork in order for my rheumatologist's appt. on Thursday. Tons of past med. history forms, and an illness diary from this last round. Hey if it helps, I'll do it!

2. Want to do a bit of gardening today. Need to start weeding the main veggie bed.

3. I need to study up on the subject of Latin and why it is a good thing in a classical education, so I will be prepared to lead tomorrow night's Classical Homeschool Support Meeting.

4. Kids and I will meet, and plan their school week in their planners. I am also hoping to make time for some reading aloud to them- not enough of that happened while I was sick. Also have to remember to get Boy to his play rehearsal this afternoon.

5. Also want to do a bit more design work on the quilt, and get the portable design board made today.

6. Need to spend some time figuring out my digital camera. I have so many pics I want to post, but I am such a computer/techie wus it isn't even funny!

7.. Oh yeah, plan and execute a dinner that uses the eggplant or okra that need to be eaten. Best get out my Indian cookbook for that! So much to do, so little time! Best go get started!

Have a lovely day, all. Enjoy it!




So glad to hear you are feeling better,
using your time to make the garden wetter,
the wet soil is heavy so don't hurt your back,
with so much to do you musn't lose track,
something musical arriving by big brown truck,
he who makes music I wish good luck.

Needleroozer said...

Oh how sweet! A poem for me. Cool!

frogpond1 said...

LB, how are you gardening in this weather. I planted a bunch of flowers right before Valentine's Day and the frost zapped them totally. Now today it has been snowing on and off. I want to garden too... you must be doing seeds indoors right?