Tuesday, March 28, 2006


That was a long day! Lots of time in the car- always makes it feel like a long day to me. Points of interest today:

1. Dr.s visit. Want the good news first? I do not at this point have any rheumatic illness. No lupus, no rheumatoid arthritis. Big huge sigh of relief. When the Dr. told me this, I must have smiled, for she informed me that good news that that is, that I am still very sick, and there are some concerns. Bad news is, although my thyroid meds keep being lowered, my TSH levels keep rising, which apparently means my body isn't excepting the meds. So I have a referal for an endocrinologist (Ironically, she referred me to the same endo. I asked my Dr. to refer me to over a year ago, and he refused.), and a referral for a female Dr. to be my primary care Dr. So, I still have a ways to go before I am healthy, and we need to get these hormones and thyroid leveled out so that I don't start having seizures again, our main concern. It would also be nice to not be so irritable all the time. At least I have a direction to follow, and a game plan. Whew!

2. Spent the whole afternoon picking kids up from Papa's work, dropping one off at Play rehearsal, then the other one to Piano lessons, then back to pick the first one up from rehearsal, then pick the other one up from piano lesson, etc. Big Whew! that I don't have to play taxi driver like this anymore than I already do!!!

3. We pulled into the driveway this evening just as Papa arrived from his walk from the bus stop. We grabbed our work gloves and headed out again. First to Kidd Valley for hamburgers and garlic fries for supper, then over to the East Side, to our friend's the B family. Mr. B. has a huge pile of old railroad ties that we are gleaning, to use to build more garden space. We are terracing the back yard, and this new level will run the width of the whole yard, and give us approximately 2/3 more room for veggies than we have now. I had about 20 tomato plants last year, I'd like to go for 40 this year. Papa will probably go over again tomorrow to get more ties. THe B's also have a nice big pile of horse doodoo. We want to get some of this too, but I still haven't even got my garden ready yet!! Whew! Lots of good work to do!

3.5 I didn't tell you about our new community service project did I? I know, I know, not another one! But like I keep telling myself, learning how to give freely of one's time is as important as Latin, Math, and History, if not more so. Anyhow, we went over to the B's on Sunday, to barbeque, and to talk about this project. Mr. and Mrs. B. also have a huge garden, and always experience a lot of extra produce. Now, as much as I loved coming home last summer from a visit to their house with a huge basket of zucchini, carrots, and many heads of lettuce (so much, that most of which I gave away), Mrs. B's plan is to keep each other inspired to garden, get the kids involved, and do kind of a community pea patch thing in her garden for those who don't have one, and ultimately to donate our extra produce to the food banks. Our food bank was on her list, which had all the food banks in this area listed, with the days they like their produce delivered, and the various veggies they do and do not like to receive. Cool, huh?!

4. We got home after 8 pm, and once everyone was washed, brushed, and flossed, we all snuggled into our bed, and I read 2 chapters of Drift House. This is a good story! We only have 3 chapters left! Papa has been suffering from a headache for the last 2 days, so before we read, I dosed him up with all my migraine meds, and he was snoring by the time I finished reading. Now all are tucked in except me, and my turn is now. I have been waking up at 6 this week, it takes me a while to actually get out of the bed, but it is a start. I have also been reading in the mornings again. I missed that.

Okay, there is more I could share with you, but I need to get to bed.

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Dy said...

I'm pooped just reading about your day! Glad for the good news, and thankful for a doc who will listen. Still praying, sweetie!