Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's Tuesday.

Bits of yesterday:
We went to the nursery, and got blue seed potatoes, a lemon balm plant for my beginning herbablist, and tons of seeds- everything from climbing vines for the fence in the front yard, to parsnip and beet seeds. The garden isn't even worked up yet- I really need to stop procrastinating (I have gotten so little accomplished lately, I am working on not feeling guilty and just moving on.) and get on with it!

While we were at Grandma's last weekend, Papa loaded up the trailer with wood and lawn mowers she wanted to get rid of. Last night, the 4 of us worked fast and furious, and got the wood stacked under the back porch. It is all very dry and will make good kindling for next year.

After beginning the evening with 13.5 yr old hormones, a bit of a temper tantrum, and a headache (Papa's turn), we ended up salvaging it with snuggling all together in the big bed while I sang the kids their nursery rhymes/love songs. 14 and 11 and they still love to be sung to sleep. The hard part now is that they are as big as I am, and I have to get them safely down the stairs and into bed. Funny.

Today's thoughts:
So today I have the followup appt. with the rheumatologist. I am curious what will happen there, but not nervous like I was last time. When you think you are going to be told you have a debilitating disease, you take your hunny with you. When you think you will get info on how to begin managing your transition to the crone stage of womanhood, you drop the kids off at your hunny's office, and enjoy the time away. Funny how a couple of weeks can change your whole perspective.

The Boy has a play rehearsal today. I should be able to get done with my appt, swoop by and pick them up from Papa's, then get him over to school. Other than that, we have a quiet day. Not nearly as much schoolwork as I would have liked got done yesterday, but I am hoping they will get some stuff done today.

Other than wanting to get to Dread Meyer's to see if they have any seed potatoes left, and buy some clothesline (I appropriated the clothesline last month when they wanted to sail the little boats Santa got them, but didn't want to lose them forever in Lake Washington.), that's it. It is supposed to rain, and looks like it will, but I hope it backs off this afternoon. So much to do!

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