Tuesday, March 14, 2006


And we're off to Portland. Well, we spent all day packing for it as a start today. I have not one but four bags packed. Books on classical ed to nature sketching, to quilting, and about 5 sketchbooks, all my art stuff, and books to sharewith my brother-in-law, a new public school teacher. Also a rubbermaid tub of food.
It was all I could do to not bring fabric or my machine. I may yet rethink this. But it is supposed to be a vacation. We have plans to visit the zoo, Powell's, spend one day with my sister, and Papa will be attending the NW Cytometry Meeting, and doing a lot of smoozing. I struggle with this: The kids are poopy, are not working up to speed without complaint, and are really suffering hormonally right now. Do I want to push reading good books (that they have supposed to have read weeks ago, and really need to be read before we start Vol. 4.), or do I have them pick 2 r 3 they would like to read, call it good and then move on? Aarggh. The pains of being responsible for your kids' education. It is good, just challenging at the moment. Do I force them to read while we are there? What else are they gonna do? That's what *I* want to do. Do I just let them pick whatever they want at the bookstore?
Okay, nuff of that. Sounds like Papa needs re-enforcement in the kitchen.

So, I am not sure about

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Dy said...

I. Have. No. Clue. Thankfully I'm still in the young phase. I just cajoled James into reading a biography on Francis Drake. (He has decided, for some unknown reason, that he doesn't like biographies now.) Got him to read one chapter, then today handed him the book and said (in reference to the last line of Chapter 1, which says young drake decided it was a normal sunday after all), "You've got to read the next chapter! Turns out it wasn't a normal sunday at all!"

He just finished reading for an hour, brought the book back and said, "This is a GREAT book!"

I'm guessing this means I will have to continue to pre-read everything so I can keep luring him farther into the books he's not immediately taken with? I dunno.

ENJOY your trip. Let the rest wait until you return, but enjoy your trip and your new lease on life. Whether the kids have earned it or not is irrelevant, YOU have earned it.