Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday pm

Well, I made it through the day without turning into the wicked witch of the northwest. Meaning all of us got through the day without any emotional hormonal outbursts, which is a big thing when you have a 13.5 yr old Boy, an 11 yr old Girl, and a 41 yr old woman with a funky thyroid living in the same house, believe me! A heartfelt thank you to Dy for your phone call today- when it comes to talking someone down, you do a damn good job.

At the moment I have 4 tweenagers in my living room, watching Princess Bride , giggling and folding my laundry. Good deal for me! Hey, is it just me, or did Peter Falk just do an amazing job as the Grampa/storyteller in this movie? Of course, I think all the actors did just fabulously in this one. Just one of the best movies of all times. It stuck to the story line in the book, was humorous, and adventurous.

Did you know there actually is a place called Guilder, and that there really are "Cliffs of Insanity", and a giant, etc.? They have a museum and everything.

Okay, that's all for now, mostly just letting Dy know the kids were still alive, lol. Now to make myself stay awake till the B girls' parents get here about 11 pm.


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