Sunday, May 07, 2006

The ADD gardener

I am still working on where I am from, but I know one thing I am, and that is an ADD gardener. It was a beautiful day out yesterday, not too hot, breezy, with a few sprinkles of fresh rain now and then. I set out with the intentions to get everything planted that I had meant to be planted two weeks ago, but I would start one task, and then flit to another one. I did get the turnips thinned- did I tell you about that? Right after the accident, I wanted to get the seeds in, but could barely lift anything or do anything with my right arm, so I had the kids plant for me. Well, the Boy was fussing and fuming about helping, and lost interest fast. In a nutshell, he scattered two very full packets of turnip seeds in an area about 12 inches by 36 inches. Too funny- that part of the garden looks like a chia pet. A thick, luxurious chia pet. Even after thinning.

I also cleaned up around the compost pile, and around the apple tree. We have this weed that looks like sweet woodruff, only is is sticky, and gets these little round burr-balls on it. I pulled up 3 wheelbarrow loads full of it, as the burrs haven't developed yet. That was good.

I still have punkins, squashes, cukes, and melons to plant. It is my goal to get them all in the ground this week. I also have lots of annual flower seeds Papa wants me to sow for him. We shall see, we shall see.

About 2 pm yesterday, we got a call from the B family- the same ones we are doing the garden project, and from whom we got the railroad ties to build the new garden bed. They were having an "We have too much rhubarb, so come over, the kids will pick it all and make crisps, and then we will take the rest of it to the foodbank" party. So Papa and I took quick showers, and we headed over there and had a wonderful time. That was good. Last night we played UNO again. We have been playing a great deal of UNO this weekend, and it has been lots of fun. We have listened to three Jethro Tull tapes while playing. The kids loved it.

Let's see, what else has been happening during my blogging hiatus that I haven't told you about. Oh- the Boy got a new french horn. It was pricey, but it will last him longer than the cheaper ones we had been looking at. This one should take him through his first year of college. Hopefully we will have it paid off before then, LOL.

The Girl's piano teacher quit at the beginning of April, and we finally found a new one today! She is a board member of the Seattle Music Teacher's Association, so will be able to do the adjudications and competitions with/for the Girl. And, she committed to working with the Girl for at least 4 years. This is a very big deal, and we are very excited. She also has a nine month old, and wants to use me for homeschool consulting, as we charge the same for each of our services per hour, we should be able to barter at least a little bit of our lesson fees that way. Girly is very excited to finally have a new teacher, after a month of working on her own. Yay!

We did a bunch of baking in the last few days, making a huge quadruple batch of banana muffins (we used 13 bananas!), and squash muffins and pies, too. The squash came from this huge football shaped squash they gave us at the foodbank last week when we volunteered. IT was bigger than a watermelon. It baked up nicely, and I pureed about 10 pies' worth. There are two of them on the counter right now. I can't wait to taste them. The squash is a beautiful orange color, and very sweet. I used half the sugar called for in all the baking, and so far, everything has just been delicious. This is more baking in a weekend than I have done in several months, so I feel good about it.

Oh- I think I saw a raven today. Sassy Kitty was sitting in the kitchen window this morning, and doing this funny little chirpy mewing while gazing out the window. I looked out, and saw a huge crow-like bird sitting in a top branch of the plum tree. It was so large, it was bending the branch over! My friend David was over today, keeping me company while I was baking and doing laundry, and he told me he thinks it was a raven, and described them to me. The more I saw crows today, the more I think he was right. How cool is that?!

It's funny, I have was thinking this weekend, that although I like blogging, that I always think there are others who are so much more lyrical, poetic, funny (insert any other adjective here) than I am, and maybe I should just not do it anymore, because the last few entries have seemed like do lists or finished do lists, but so many of you told me you missed it, that I must be doing something right, and you at least find it interesting, so I will keep going, and am glad to be back.

Okay, gotta check the roast and get started on the rest of supper, so that will be all for now.


Dy said...

ADD gardner? ROFL! I love it.

It IS good to have you back. :-) And I can't wait to hear how the pies tasted.


Pamela said...

I love the chia pet in the garden! Now that's very good writing silly, and poetic too. I love knowing I can get an "e-taste" of LB and family again, a lovely "fix" in my "challenging" work in the world day.

Good luck with the planting. You're still light years ahead of me. We still have Garden Party treasure to get in the ground.

Hugs to the kiddles and kitties!