Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Break a leg, Boy!

The Boy has his play tonight. They are doing the King's New Clothes. Yeah, I know, it isn't Shakespeare, but the Boy is excited about it, so that is good enough for me.

He will be playing "Guy", the brains of the 3 evil tailor dudes who convince the vain King whose kingdome is crumbling that they can make invisible clothes that only smart people can see. Of course, they want the king to give them the last of his gold for this service.

We have all been helping him read his lines, and listening to him rehearse so much over the last couple of months that if the Boy has any trouble with his lines, the threee of us can shout them out for him from the audience, lol.

His Godparents, and our dear friend L (the one who always takes the kids out for their birthdays and buys them books), and her son David, my cooking buddy will all be there to support him, too. I will be helping out by selling tickets before the show.
Break a leg, Boy!

A side note, my appt. went well this morning, but I will be taking even more meds than I am now. Three different kinds of thyroid. Whew! I went out and bought myself one of those weekly divided pill cases with spots for am and pm. Kinda made me feel old. Anyhow, he thinks my hot flashes, the mystery illnesses in Nov and Feb, and my female troubles are not due to early menopause but to lack of thyroid functioning and impoper meds. We shall see, we shall see.

Gotta go make an early supper and get the Boy ready to go.

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