Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend update

Well, we all made it through the weekend. The birthday party went well, except for one tense moment when a certain Boy we all know and love decided to escalate the water balloon fight by putting red food-colored water in the water balloons. This plan was thankfully discovered before executed, his red hands being the tip-off. Sigh. Can you just see me trying to explain why the guests' white t-shirts (or even worse, their faces!) were covered in red splotches of color?! Reminder to self: The next time we do water balloons, there needs to be a big target down in the field, so balloons are not thrown at people.

Other than that, we had a nice visit with my Mom yesterday, Papa spending most of the time digging up plants to add to his cottage garden. I got more potatoes and tomatoes planted- I now have 36 tomato plants! My goal for today is to get the pumpkin, squash, and cucumbers in the ground. I transplanted some lettuce, too. This is the first time my head lettuce has actually headed up. It looks so cute and yummy at the same time.

Oh- Pamela- he dug up this beautiful sedge plant that would look fabulous near your pond. It likes water. Would you like some of it? We really thought of you when he was digging it up.

While I was planting potatoes, some ants crawled into my kneepads, and bit my knees! Little biters! Ouch!

I was craving Indian food again yesterday, so made a wonderful feast of Rogan Josh, dry cauliflower, cucumber raita, saffron rice, and wonderful lassis made with leftover homemade coconut ice cream from the Boy's party. Yummy good food.

Oh- the Boy is in his final week of play frenzy. They perform for the students today, and then do the evening performance tomorrow night. He will be supported by several friends and loved ones in the audience. Should be great fun. I will get to sell tickets before the show. He is nervous and excited. Break a leg, Boy!

Other than the play, and gardening, and my visit to the endocrinologist tomorrow, the Girl will have her first lesson with her new piano teacher this week. She is very excited to get started. It has been hard for her to work independently these last 6 weeks.

Okay, that's it for now, gotta go hang out the wash- it is supposed to 85 degrees out today- I need to take advantage of that and hang as much wash as I can today.


Amy said...

Good luck to the Boy! And FWIW, if my son came home with red blotches, I would tell you it was no big deal and remember that yours is a house we'd like to visit again. I'd also be congratulating myself that my kids didn't think of it first.

Pamela said...

So glad teh party went well ~ and yes, would love some "Betty Sedge". Fred showed it to me on our visit last night. Quite lovely!