Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm feeling much better now.

I really am. My massage therapy went better today, and I made sure I have been drinking tons of water since I got home- makes all the difference in the world. So did not having to listen to country music. Don't get me wrong- I can dig good soulful twang with the best of them, I just hate the stuff they play on the commercial stations. It all sounds like, "My wife left me for my best friend and she took my dog with her." to me. Give me the good ol' sounds of Buffet, or John Prine, or K.D. Lang, maybe some Bonnie Rait.

Anyhoo, I digress. I feel better, and the Boy has been acting better. He spent almost all of his saved up money on grapes, berries, water balloons, rock salt and ice today. Then he folded about 5 loads of laundry, carried all the living room furniture downstairs, vaccuumed, made his own cake, de-stemmed and froze grapes, and did the dishes. He has several of his games ready, and will do the rest of them tomorrow. He did his chores without fussing, and the backtalk was tons less today- almost non-existent. Almost. Baby steps.

The Girl just walked in the door- we let her go to a Tacoma Raniers game with some friends tonight. They won, and there were fireworks. The Boy didn't get to go, obviously, and he didn't fuss about it at all. Maybe it is sinking in after all!?

Now that my baby Girl is home, I am off to bed. I need all the rest I can get if I am going to supervise 10 kids at this party tomorrow. Everyone else is out by the fire ring, visiting and enjoying the cool but clear evening. I will settle for enjoying watching the full moon from the rocking chair set in front of my bedroom window for a few minutes.
Have a good night,

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