Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The wonders and perils of nature

Yesterday was a good day. I was productive on many fronts. But I want to start by telling you about nature study. We have been studying water habitats- the oceans/tidepools, marshes,streams, and rivers, and yesterday was ponds. We went to Camp Long, and I did my usual pond study- take all the loups, magnifying glasses, microscopes (Thanks J and L for bringing those!), petri dishes, tupperware containers, nets, and eye droppers you can find, and set the kids loose at the pond. There is an awning set up over two picnic tables a few yards from the pond, so the threee moms set up there, supervising the microscopes, and trying to identify the critters the kids bring to us. The big kids worked well with the two littles, coaching and teaching without even knowing that is what they were doing. We saw whirligig beetles, who are NOT the giant diving beetles, but are related to them; mosquito larvae, water striders, water spiders, and water fleas (L and J- that is what the shrimp-like creature was). We also looked at duckweed, the world's smallest complete plant, and lsitened to red-winged blackbirds. When we were done at the pond, the kids hit the climbing rock while the moms planned the next nature study. This part of the post was about the wonders of nature, obviously. Now on to the perils.

While we were at the pond, I noticed I had a welt on my index finger on my right hand, and that my fingers on that hand were itchy. Then my throat started to feel like it was closing up. Hmmm. Must be reacting to something around here. By last night, my throat and ears were so itchy it was hard to get to sleep. This morning, I had to take an antihistamine- my eyelids are swollen and itchy, my nose is running constantly, and my ears are itchy deep inside. My fingers on my left hand are so swollen, it was a struggle to get my ring off, and there are huge welts on three of them. Hmmmm. What did I find yesterday at the edge of the pond that is so disagreeing with me?!

Oh- Dy, the pies were yummy- very yummy. There is only about 2 pieces left! I may have to make more very soon. I think I am going to try the biscuit dough today, and get a cobbler done. We shall see.

I spent yesterday afternoon doing something other than napping! I do feel like I have more energy lately, and that I am willing to actually do something with it. This is good. I moved furiture around from my room to the living room, and visa versa. I am moving my sewing area to our room, so Papa can start working in the basement, installing the furnace and things like that. I think I may make it a no cats place, too.

Okay, time to roust the Boy and get him to classes.


Pamela said...

Cool nature study! Love the vision of "kids cooperative".

Ah the joys of bodies reacting to our world. I've been getting amazing itchies from mystery bugs in our gardens. I thought they were just mosquito’s bites, but the reactions are so much stronger than in the past. Maybe it’s our bodies changing as we "season" :)

Good for you on the pie success. You mention biscuit dough. Ah, that takes me back to the West Seattle days when you use to bake and share with us a lot! Now that you are non wheat and dairy, what are you using?

Enjoy the sunshine. It’s supposed to be spectacular today!


Dy said...

I hope you can get it cleared out of your system soon! James has been pink and watery for a week - no big explosions, but he always looks like he's on the verge of tears (you know that look?)

Oh, I made the cobbler tonight! Haven't tried any yet, but the boys went NUTS over it. And it's pretty. :-) Thanks for the suggestion.