Saturday, December 31, 2005

About New Year's Resolutions

You really should check out MMV's post on welcoming the New Year in with "resolutions". Here is the best bit of what she had to say. These are my kind of promises.

"If you must list and sort and promise, well, will these work?
(1) Resolve to read more, think more, write more, learn more. Update your wishlist at
(2) Subscribe to a magazine that opens new worlds to you. (No, Entertainment and People don't count.)
(3) Promise yourself more than twenty minutes daily to think, a space-time into which nothing and no one can creep without your express mental invitation. It is in this quiet zone that you will uncover your creativity.
(4) Begin a correspondence with someone who will share your reading discoveries.
(5) Keep a reading log, noting favorite passages.These are resolutions built to last."

Words of wisdom. Now I really do have to go watch some fireworks! HAPPY NEWYEAR!!


Dy said...

I love her posts on things like this. It's the intentional life that's worth living.

I hope you are enjoying some fantastic fireworks (and I'm so tickled you blogged one. more. time. today. LOL!)


Laney said...

Good Morning!

Thanks for the well wishes on my blog, I am feeling about 12% better today and that's saying something because yesterday I felt like someone threw me under the bus and then went in reverse just for fun.

Anyhoo! I was reading some of your entries and decided to comment up here instead of down there. :-)

You probably know me as Elaine from WTM, but my nickname is Laney, it's what all of my family and friends call me.(My mom is Elaine, too, so that's how I got to be Laney)

What do you do for nature study? That sounds positively delicious!

I'll be back!

Jess said...

Fireworks were banned here in Oklahoma this year. But we did bang pots and pans and scream HAPPY NEW YEAR outside, does that count? lol

Personally I don't do resolutions because I usually don't stick to them and then I feel like a failure which depresses me and I end up worse off. Cheery huh? LOL But those definately sound "do-able" and fun!

Needleroozer said...

Dy: Yes. I am starting to sound like a broken record when I talk to the kids- "Intention and integrity" is the motto here.

Laney: I am so glad you are feeling better. What a way for you to bring in the new year, hmm?
I actually "know" you best from reading your comments at Miz Booshay's, and Jess's blogs. I have been reading yours, too, for a bit. You boys are so very cute!
I will post about Nature Study for you. I do love it. We are on our second year, and it is one of those things thhat I have worked very hard at making work, and it paid off- it works well.
Feel even better today, okay?

Jess: That brings back memories! I can remember doing that when I was a little girl. It was fun tonight to watch the fireworks coming off the Space Needle- not just the top, but off the sides at the bottom, too.
Happy New Year, ladies.