Saturday, December 31, 2005

Nickname Origins

Boy was reading over my shoulder, and noticed that I call him Boy and the girl, Girl. "Hey, mama, you're using our nicknames!!"
I can still remember how it started. The girl was just starting to talk, and called her brother Boy. She could pronounce his name fine, she just called him her Boy. Only, the way she said it, it had 2 syllables. More like Boy-yoy. She would just stand there and bellow for him, and he would love it. She called, he came. Still works that way. So, she called him Boy, and so did we. Still do. I think he was about 7 when someone in the grocery store heard me address him as Boy, and asked if he had a name. LOL.
I guess it's fairly simple to see that the Boy reciprocated by calling the girl Girl. When he didn't call her "Pissy", which is how he said Sissy for the longest time. Too funny. They have other nicknames, and lovey names that we call them, but these are the two that stuck.

I like nicknames. Some people do, some don't. Do you have a nickname? How did you get it?
LB (yes, that's another nickname story!)

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