Friday, December 23, 2005

Oh yeah! It is Christmas time, isn't it?!

It is just now starting to feel like Christmas here in rainy Seattle. I can sure tell I live in a teperate rain forest today. The weather has been really good lately (except for driving conditions). It has been drizzly, but warmer than the last few weeks, about 45 in the night, to 54 during the day. It's breezy, but balmy. Happy Solstice! It feels like it today.

Well, we've had Christmas carols on, aree folding laundry, and the Girl cleaned the kitchen. We have been to the fruitstand (persimmons, mandarins, okra, cauliflower, brocolli, chayotte, shrooms,and 3 kinds of potatoes), and Dread Meyer to get Boy's gift for Girl, and also picked up a ham. We ought to be able to throw together a feast with that, and what's in the pantry. To be ready to go to Mom's, I will just pack the picnic basket. easy.
We still need to bake cookies for the firemen, which we will deliver tomorrow. The kids will run through The Night Before Chritmas a few more times, so they can recite it for them.
I think we also need one more trip to B & N, and one to Target. EEEEEWWWW.

A note to Mindy- my kids are exhibiting wrongful actions over here, too. I am really tired of assigning pushups and asking them to choose to be their own integrity. I appreciated your post on that.
Does anyone know where to get coal? I am serious here. Would brickets work?
LB, feeeling better today. Still wierd, but better.


Dy said...

LB, I made your pie crusts today!! They were WONDERFUL. Even Zorak (Mr. "I can't eat that, it has no wheat in it and it'll make me want to wear pink or listen to The Village People") ate three slices of pie and raved about the "incredible crust". THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I hope your day brought many moments of joy.

mindy said...

A day of work really did wonders for their attitudes and it didn't hurt that their rooms are now clean and the school room is ready to go for the New Year!! I thought we were going to get to school today, but Daddy is home and we are going to go see Narnia! One more day of partying, I guess.

Dy said...