Tuesday, January 15, 2008

3/4's of our new white picket fence, part 1

This post is inspired by Dy's finished projects posts.
Last November (2006), a drunk driver crashed into our chain-link fence and drove through the Dude's cottage garden, luckily missing the house, and giving us an excuse to finally replace the old, icky chain-link with a white picket fence, that would match the house better, and be a better frame around the cottage garden.

This photo was taken in May. The tree to the left of the house is where the tree house is. See the area behind the dogwood, between the house and the garage? Hopefully, I will be showing you photos of a new patio there later this spring. But for now, back to the fence. You can see where the chain-link ends, there in the middle of the yard.
Here are the Papa Dude, and Piano Girl, starting on the assembly of the fence panels. We used wooden posts, and plastic fence panels. The kids painted all the posts for us. Notice the roses lining the driveway- I will address them in a minute.
Here they have just discovered that the fence panels are NOT the length they say they are- there is too much space between the posts! But have no fear, PG, and the PD know what they are doing- this is just a hiccup in their plans........
I took this photo from the front porch. Look how nice this looks! And you can see that once the Dude moves the roses to the inside of the fence, we will have 4 extra feet of driveway. This will be so nice! As it is now, the driver has to step out onto wet, muddy grass. Icky.
Stay tuned for part two!


melissa said...

Woah. This is awesome. I LOVE the way that it looks. I am a huge fan of the cottage garden, myself. A friend just gave me a wonderful boook called "English Cottage Gardening For American Gardeners" I am SALIVATING over the photos, and looking forward to trying some new things this year. But, WOW. The fence just totally MAKES the statement in your yard. Very, Very lovely.

Needleroozer said...

Oh, I need to get that book! The Dude would love it.
Thanks for the compliment, we think it makes it, too.

Pamela said...

Oh what a treat! Keep posting those pics! I love each and everyone of them. Your projects are so great. Goodness, the gardens look great. Its winter isn't it? Our gardens are grey-yellow and flattened by the rain and snow....sniff...Magnolia blooms? Cosmos? How do you do it oh blessed ones?

Have a great time creating loveliness and memories!!

Thanks for sharing,


Needleroozer said...

It isn't me, it's the Dude. It isn't just a green thumb- he has a green aura around his whole being- I swear the roses start blooming when he walks into the garden! I just reap the benefits!