Monday, January 28, 2008

Tidbit: Phooey on me

Aarrgghh. I am sorry, I keep making blog promises- art content, photos, birthday girl stories, the works, and then I don't deliver. Not that you want or need stories or excuses, but I am really struggling with several areas of real life right now, and am not giving myself the time I need to make art and blog. Darn me. I am not living into my possibilities. Phooey. Phooey I say. I don't need to struggle if I don't want to. I can surrender to my creativity, regardless of how stressed I am at the moment, right? And then I will be less stressed due to having released some creative energy into my world, right? Sigh.
I am an artist, not a wannabe artist. I need to be the actions behind the words.


Mama Podkayne said...

Yesterday I had an almost migraine but I sat down with my kid and her tempras and our canvas that we'd been working on. Didn't help my headache, but helped something else in me.

Take it slow. Carry a pocket size canvas and some watercolor pencils. Find those odd moments. That's my challenge for myself this week.

Chris said...

Hi Needle!
I'm so enjoying you on WTM, and if you have art or other fun stuff on your blog, so much the better. I don't know how to officially tag someone, so I'll just do this--Tag! You're it! Book Meme
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people.
I was tagged by 5 Wolf Cubs. Hope you do it--have fun!
Chris (Chris in VA wtm, twilightandsunrise)

Pamela said...

Ah, the journey is real and authentic isn't it? You'll feel the bliss of creativity again. Hang in there, and thanks for sharing.

:) P

C said...

Surrender, already! Some of us need your inspiration! ;oP

Hugs. And one day, I'm coming there to bother you for an afternoon. So there.

Needleroozer said...

Mama P,
Thanks for the idea. I put some pencils, pens, and charcoal sticks in a retro lunch box I found at Value Village, and can take it and my sketch book with me anywhere now. Thanks!
Thanks for the meme- it got me writing today.
Thanks for the support. It means the world to me.
Anytime, lady, anytime. Call me and we can set a date! And by the way, I surrender!