Friday, January 18, 2008

Talking about the Talky Blog

Well, The Fine Young Man wasn't able to get the video uploaded at his Computer Graphics class at the High School yesterday, but has promised me he will be able to today. So no talky yet.

I am feeling anxious about posting it. The way I felt when I put up my first photos on the blog. So many times, when I watch others' talkies, they badmouth the talky as they are filming it: This is boring, I don't have anything to tell you, etc. Well, I am determined not to do that-I think it really takes away from their videos. So, I will tell you my silly concerns now, and get them out of the way, so I will be free to create fun, enlivening, and encouraging talkies, without all the extraneous garbage.

My concerns (before I let them all go), from the voice in my head that I struggle with daily: I am worried about what all y'all will think- What if those of you who are artists will go, yeah, we knew that already? What if those of you who aren't artists could give a rip and think it's boring? Why am I doing this? People who film talkies have something to say, some knowledge to impart, etc. Who am I? A person who still has a hard time uttering the words "artist" and "I am" in the same sentence! Definitely on the learning curve. Hmm. What if they think I have no talent, or think I am fat, or stutter or say "umm" and "ya' know" too much? What will they think of my messy studio, or my cluttered, unfinished basement?

Okay, now we have heard my silly inner voice telling it's concerns. Let's hear from the creative, artist, inner vision me: I have a lot of invisible friends, with whom I would love to sit by the wood stove, share a Mike's, and create art together. I can't do that, but I can share my time in the studio with them this way. And if my journey as a newbie artist can help someone to decide to go for it in the creative area of their choice, then so much the better. I will totally be myself- stuttering, chubby, and forgetful, and know that the folks that watch these love me for who I am, and will enjoy spending time with me this way.

How about that? The Fine Young Man says he will text me as soon as he gets the video loaded, so I can work on it immediately. If all goes well, it will be up by late tonight. I am surrendering to my creativity, and will post it. Y'all be nice, now, okay? If you think it sucks, lie to me. Kidding. Kidding. Sorta.

update ar 4:30 pm: The Boy is not able to do this at the school after all, so he and I are going to have to figure out how to upload these at home and get them up ourselves. Wish us luck!


LA said...

You are perfect. Just the way you are. Love, your sister, LA

lauriep said...

Now that's a cool avatar you've got there!!!

Chris said...

A talking blog?! What will they think of next! I know I'm gonna love it!
Hey, be a weekly reporter--I took the plunge (although it's not official--see my blog for what I mean) and posted this week's adventures (just Nature Girl's, not the others). See ya on the new and improved WTM board. (Actually, I liked the old one because I can just scan the whole thing at once--but I'm the kinda gal who used a McD's chicken nugget container for a soap dish in college--)

Mama Podkayne said...

You've inspired me these past couple months. I can't wait to hear what you have to say in your actual voice! :)

Pamela said...

Divine order ~ and lots of teachable moments. You're making memories and sharing them along the way. How fun is that?

Enjoy what you can,