Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Thursday

Well, as usual, I wasn't in the studio as long as I would have liked yesterday, but I did get a bit of work done prepping substrates last night. I am working on a series of the little "rough" paintings to put in a soon-to-be-open etsy shop, I am trying to keep track of how much time I spend and how much money on supplies for each piece, but it is not easy! We shall see how much work I am able to get done on these this weekend. The Girl is having a birthday/slumber party Friday- 5 girls from 11 to 16 will descend on my studio space. We will make Valentines, and do a couple of art projects (guess I should be planning those, hmm?), and then head upstairs for food (pizza?) and a movie, and they will camp out in the living room. Then I will have to get up early, and take the boy to his tournament on Saturday. The girls will go home by noon, and I will head to the tournament to watch the Boy's rounds (usually don't start till 2 pm). Sunday will bring a trip to the East Side to visit Mama, and head to Unity if I am not too tired, and a friend wants to have coffee in the afternoon on Sunday. Man, to be honest, I am tired just thinking about it. I may decide to commune with God in my dreams Sunday morning.

I have been up since 4:30, getting the Dude off to the airport. It will be so nice when we have two cars (this weekend or early next week, I hope!), so I won't have to run him to the airport anymore! I am headed to the tub here, and then we will all be getting ready for our long Thursday.

I won't see the Boy all day- he has a basketball game to play at tonight, so will just stay at the high school, and get some of his school work done there, as well as practice his HI.

The Girl and I will be heading for all day piano lessons (only 2 weeks till the Simon Fizet competition!), and I am looking forward to my toddler time. Abe is getting so big, and so vocal. He talks the entire time we are together, except when I am reading- we read for several hours every Thursday. He himself is getting closer to reading, starting to make the connection that the words on the page (that he follows with his chubby little fingers) are connected to the letter sounds he is learning. He is an amazingly bright little fellow, reminding me so much of my own Boy, who began sounding out words and reading at this age.

Okay, off we go! Enjoy your day today.


melissa said...

WOW! That does sound like a busy schedule! AND OH-MY-GOODNESS do I know what it feels like to be a 1 car family. You will feel so luxurious when the 2nd car is there! LOL You r kids seem like they are very talented and busy....but a good busy. That's so exhausting for mom's, but it's so awesome for the kids don't you think? ALso, we would LOVE any book recommendations for Savannah re. acrylics.

Pamela said...

What's an ETSY?

What a lovely busy-ness ~ but I do get the geez, that sounds exhausting when look forward. Remember to stay in the moment, and don't give in if you can, getting out there are sharing yourself with the world really does feed that inner fire, and the world! Keep LB in circulation ~ and attracting your good