Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Catching up on photos

I will try to catch up on photos a bit in the next few posts. It really has become a trial to post photos lately as it involves a very slow computer, my laptop, and a great deal of patience- so I know you will appreciate the effort! Feel free to click and enlarge.

Here are my Fine Young Man, aka the Boy, and Piano Girl, reading to Abe, my adorable borrowed toddler, just a few days before Christmas. I love that my teens adore him, and think it is a treat to be able to spend time with him!Here is our lovely tree on Christmas morning. Looky looky at all those gifts! We were very spoiled this year, and it was lots of fun.
Here is Piano Girl, with another of our family friends, Pony Girl. Pony Girl came over several times in Nov. and Dec. to work in the studio with me- she did two oilstick paintings that she gave to her cousins for Christmas gifts. She is an excellent student, and is also becoming an amazing artist in her own right.
Here are the Boy and Girl, in early November, just as they were getting started on Christmas gifts this year. I love having them in the studio. We jam to tunes, and no one treats me like a "Mom", ya' know?


Pamela said...

Great pictures ~ so worth the patience of posting, thank you so much!

The tree and lights really were lovely. But ya know, your place is always exceedingly adorable:)

Love the kids pics ~ Abe has such darling curls. What board book were they reading? Such good stuff.

Create a great day,


Needleroozer said...

I hear you about Abe's curls- yesterday, I just sat and ran my fingers through them. They are very luscious and wonderful right now- he is due for a haircut soon, so I enjoy them when I can!
The kids were reading Jessie Bear, What will you wear. Don't you love the way Boy's hand is gently touching Abe in the photo?

Piano Girl said...

I love hanging out and reading to Abe, and afterwards looking at the photos! I just thought I would contribute!