Friday, January 18, 2008

Tidbit: Cats

Just posting this here for my own sake- I know I won't get it on the calendar, and I won't remember the date next month when it is time to do it again (Which explains why the poor dears keep having to go two months instead of one for their flea stuff, sigh.). Let it be known that all three toddler-cats had their flea treatment today- two of them aren't speaking to me, but that's okay.


melissa said...

YAY! Is it as expensive as the flea stuff that I have to put on the dogs in the spring/summer?? Man, that stuff is $$$$! But it really does work.

Pamela said...

Good cat mama ~

I am afraid I don't make myself do flea treatment until the babies are scratching. Usually late spring early summer and thru the fall. We woo them into a small room, shut the door, catch one while the other human administers the treatment. You would think we were torturing them. Well, at least we aren’t trying to bathe them. That really freaks them out. Candy hid for a day after that one!!

I am proud of you cat mama, and know those beautiful cats love you for their improved itch state, even if they don’t share:)