Monday, January 07, 2008

Tidbits: Garden planning and mail

Can anyone recommend seed and/or old rose catalogs to me? The Dude and I want to drool over catalogs, plan new garden beds, and make actual garden plans this year. Maybe if we do it this way, I will actually get all the beds I have planted this year, in addition to creating a couple of new beds.

Today was a fabulous mail day. I received three fun packages. My camera battery is charging now, so hopefully some photos soon.

That is all for now, but at least I posted again before a week went by!


Mama Podkayne said...

Cook's Garden, Territorial, Vermont Bean and Seed for veggies. They offer an organic option for most everything too.

For flowers: Whiteflower Farm (over priced but awesome), and the above three does flowers too.

You can order online on most of those. Happy with customer service.

Stark Brothers for fruit trees. Fabulous for fruit trees.

I'm right there with you. We use good graph paper and colored pencils. We built a couple raised beds a year. Slowly we built up our beds.

Happy planning!!!!

melissa said...

ooo! Oooo! I can answer the catalog question! go to excellent catalog for drooling


Needleroozer said...

Thanks to you both! I am requesting all of these! Should be a lot of fun in about a month to go through all of the catalogs.

Pamela said...

Well darn ~ I did a nice big response days ago, tried to post it several times, gave up, and now its not here...oh well...divine order is in there somewhere...