Tuesday, January 24, 2006


We had a great lunch of barbequed ham tacos, complete with rice tortillas I found at PCC. Afterwards I was thirsty, and thought I'd open one of the root beers I bought for the Girl's birthday dinner last night. I had complained at dinner that the rootbeer wasn't very carbonated or foamy. Papa had said that having it cold made all the difference in the world, and they would be foamier today. So, I got out the bottle opener, grabbed a bottle out of the fridge, and popped the top. I poured it into my fave blue mug (so the kids wouldn't see what I was drinking, and I wouldn't have to answer the question, "Can I have some, too?"), and noticed with sasifaction that there was a huge head of foam- so much so it spilled over the top of the mug. I bent down and took a huge mouthful of foam, to help with the drips, don't ya' know, and then spewed it out of my mouth so fast!! Disgusting taste in my mouth! Bitter, yucky, yucky BEER!!!! I HATE BEER! So much for the kids not knowing what I was drinking! Such a foul taste, that after I wiped down the counter I had just sprayed, I just had to actually open the root beer, so as to get the nasty beer taste out of my mouth! How can anyone actually LIKE this stuff?!?!

I guess I should read the labels before I open the bottles next time, hmmmm? Go ahead and laugh- I called Papa so he could.


Mamabird said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! (I'm lol, LB!)

I hate beer, too. Better you than me.

(Said in all love. Grin.)

Mamabird (aka Karen in Atlanta)

Dy said...

I hope today's menu is a little better. ;-)