Friday, January 27, 2006

Testicular humour

Help! I am surrounded by testosterone!!! Potty humour, jokes about bodily functions, comments relating to talcum and male body parts.

Papa said, "Well at least we don't like football!" I retorted that if they liked football, I could at least disappear and no one would notice. Right now, I am surrounded by big BOYS who want to be near me, but who are laughing hysterically at dirty jokes! I miss the girl already- the testosterone levels are overpowering me- aaaagggghhhhhh!!

Sigh. Papa is now drinking straight out of the whisky bottle. Maybe that's not such a bad idea!!


Dy said...

ROFL! This has been my life... my sympathies are with you, hon. Take a swig and hit the hay - the jokes will still be coming tomorrow, but you'll have more energy to run and hide!


Jess said...

ROFL at least football has a season (which is almost OVER thank goodness!).

Yes, we're outnumbered here. When the testosterone gets really high I take the girls (and the mini-man) out to eat while the boys "Tim Taylor" it up with the big screen...