Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coming soon to a studio near you: new art supplies!

I hate shopping. I really really hate it. Unless of course it is for art supplies. And frankly, I don't much enjoy it then, it is just a tad bit more interesting to me than the other items I shop for: looking for clothes to fit my chunky short body, or buying expensive food that I am going to have to cook later, and won't last very long in this house of teenagers, or really pricey text books that my kids will only get half the way through, but thoroughly use enough that they lose their resale value.

So, it took me all day, to be tough with myself and only order what I felt I really need, in small enough quantities so as to be frugal, but large enough that I won't need to order again for a couple of months. Here is what I ordered, all online. I can't wait till it all gets here.

First, from JoAnn, I ordered a Crop-a-dile. I was able to use my 40% off coupon, and saved myself $16. I was so proud of myself. I plan on using this specifically for making screens and wall-hangings with the lutradur and lace panels I made. I hope it works like it says it does, if so, it will save me a lot of noise and aggravation!

Next, I needed more lutradur and wanted to get it in a roll, not folded, and in quantities larger than a yard. That really limited me when I was working with it. It took me so long to find the manufacturer, but once I did, ordering was easy. I was able to order it in two different weights (thickness), so it will be fun to experiment with this again.

Then I needed more paints. I found that I could buy both the rich and sparkly Lumiere and the bright, dye-like Dye-na-flow paints for significantly less moolah at Dharma Trading company. They also carry the irridescent Shiva Paintsticks for less, so I ordered one of those to try. Those puppies are so pricey! But I love what they do, so I will just order one or two at a time. You get a discount if you order ten or more of each type of paint, so I did that- I ordered the smallest size jar in lots of colors so I can experiment and see what I like and use the most of. The next time I order, I can do it in larger sizes, and get what I really use.

I also needed undyed, uncut silk cocoons, so ordered some of those here. I love this company, because they ALWAYS offer free shipping! Works for me.

Next, I put in an order at Joggles. If you have never visited this site, you are in for a treat. So many art supplies, so little time. I ordered a lot of wool felt beads in many colors. I have been wanting these for so long, and I can't wait to use them! This was probably the most frivolous purchase I made today, but what the heck? An artist (hey, that's me!) needs materials to work with, to inspire them. And although it seemed like I spent a lot, I thought about how much this same amount of supplies would have cost me if I had gone out and bought them locally, and I realized I really saved darn near $50. by comparison shopping on the internet. Maybe shopping isn't so bad after all.

I also bought Biology tests, but I will not post a link to those, lol.


Bridget said...

I do counted cross stitch and I like nothing better than to shop for new supplies. And I know exactly what you mean about shopping for food. I don't mind doing it but it always seems like I spend way too much, get home, look around and still wonder what I bought. With 3 kids, 2 teenagers, it never seems to last very long either.

Sequana said...

Aw, c'mon.....maybe I WANT biology tests....*L*

I'm sure I could make something with 'em.......annie

Pamela said...

You have always had an amazing ability to find and benefit from such deals! One of my teachers you are m'dear :) You introduce me to entities that I have never heard of ~ remember Hannah Anderson and all the kid and book catalogs when your kiddles were wee?

Thanks for sharing,


amy@thefoilhat said...

You are an enabler, that's what you are!!! Stop giving me this information. LOL