Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Two more after photos

This is now how the pantry area looks. The brown cupboards hold all my canned goods. The chair and table were just there for photo taking, and can go out into the room now. I still need to sort some of the stuff in those tubs on the left there, but most of them are empty. Yay! I made the Boy mop the floor and clean up the litter mess, too. This is my painting table, near the back door. Look how neat it is! This is the only table that has stuff under it, and it is all organized neatly. Yarns and fibers, angelina fibers, ribbons, etc. in the plastic drawers, and all my painting supplies neatly in the wire shelves. I love those wire shelves and want more of them. When I am painting, I can just pull out the bucket of brushes, and the box of paints specific to my need, and go for it.
Okay, now I am done showing you my after photos, and can get on with the creating!

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