Friday, October 12, 2007

A Thank You Post

One of my loyal blog readers and commenters is the kids' Godmother, Pamela. She is one of my fave humans, ever. I love her with all my heart, and hope she knows it.

Well, for my birthday this year, she gave me a really beautiful, yummy gift that I was saving for just the perfect occasion. Well, I never really came up with a perfect occasion, butI used it this week, and I loved it. She gave me some some lovely green tea from a company called Tea Forte', called Oasis, in these beautiful silken, triangle bags, and two cute little Tea trays to catch the drips. I used my fave mug, and the cute tea pot I gave Papa Dude for his birthday, and took it downstairs to the studio to have while I was working. Wonderful flavor, and very fun ritual.

This was a wonderful gift, and I still have the cute little trays- guess I will have to get myself some of this fun tea so I can use them again.


Pamela said...

Ohhh... now that just made my day! So glad you enjoyed your special something jsut for you:)
And what a great picture!!!!

Thanks for sharing Miss LB,



Pamela said...

PS. Now I can't wait for March and another excuse to find something fun just for YOU!


Needleroozer said...

Hint hint- there were lots of other good tea flavors!

amy@thefoilhat said...

Oh yum ... I love seeing packaging and all of that stuff. What a beautiful gift.

Pamela said...


And, good using the power of attraction! Tell the universe what you want to experience and delight in how it shows up ~ thanks for letting me play along

:) P