Monday, October 22, 2007

Tidbit: Parenting is a rough gig.

Whoa man! I cannot believe how stressful, challenging, and exhausting this parenthood gig is. I cannot believe I thought newborns and toddlers were challenging. Teenagers are tough- and not so tough. This is taking all my energy today. I have some art in my head, but it will have to wait for a bit while my hands and heart are working so hard with these kids. These amazing, beautiful, inteligent people who are inbetween childhood and adulthood, and for whom life is so big and scary and exciting.
God grant me the serenity to parent them with grace, patience, and understanding.


Mama Podkayne said...

What? They don't stay a delight forever? (80

Pamela said...

Such a gift in the form of your dear kiddles. Hang in there ~ I hear they wise teachers.

Thanks for sharing,


Nin said...

Wow, that makes me feel exhausted just reading it! Good luck with the offspring, I hope you get to do your art soon!

Needleroozer said...

Thanks, ladies. I am hanging in there. All I can do right now.