Wednesday, October 10, 2007

new WIP- Fabric Paper

This Work-In-Progress is one of the October Challenges from the Fibre and Stitch online magazine, issue #1. This is the first step in making fabric paper. This consists of a crumpled sheet of tissue paper laid out on top of muslin. I soaked them both with a PVA (glue)/water mixture, and then sprinkled my brand-spanking new Dye-Na-Flow paints on them. I watered the paints down some, and think I would like them better full-strength next time. I used a brush to blend the colors all together. Notice the crinkly texture that the srinkled tissue paper gave the fabric. I know it doesn't look too spectacular yet, but it isn't finished. Now I will add some more detail to it- a little gesso, some stamps, maybe a bit more texture with some bubble wrap, etc. That will give it lots of texture. This will be a background fabric, in a paper quilt, and I will probably use it for postcards as well. And Pammie, these photos DO look better when you click on them!

Here is the blue-green one. Reminds me a bit of a Monet's garden scene.
Close up. I do think this one would have really stood out more with full-strength paint.
The purpley-pink-orange one. Note- too many colors make it look muddy.
Close up. Reminds me of a rainy day- a little dark, but not too dreary.
Look for more photos of this fabric paper next week- and hopefully they will be more interesting! I really like this technique and am looking forward to doing more of this.


Pamela said...

Ooo! Cool ~ you are right, enlargign the photo reveals a whole nother prespective!

Thanks for sharing,


amy@thefoilhat said...

I'm loving all of these pictures. I'm going to print this post so I can try it. I absolutely LOVE how theses papers look. Now you need to tell me what website to go to for patience. It kills me to have to wait.

Looking forward to seeing some finished projects - well, they're never finished, are they? How about "close-to-finished" projects?

Needleroozer said...

Amy- go to It is so worth eating rocks for a week while you learn these techniques! I am learning so much! It does take time and money and hard work though.
I do have more photos to take today.