Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Studio Before Deep Cleaning

Okay, Dy convinced me that my faithful readers would still love me if I posted before cleaning pictures of my horrible basement. I will test the waters with before photos of my studio. I have one corner of the unfinished basement, that as most of you know, the Dude finished and presented me with this last Christmas. I have filled almost every inch of this space to the brim with art supplies. I have some art that I love, but I haven't put that up yet. Pamela, you can enlarge these pics, but it will embarrass me to no end, so just don't tell me that you did, ok?

First off, before I could do much of anything else, I had to deal with the piles of stuff. There were piles everywhere, 3 to 4 feet wide, and 3 to 4 feet high, of stuff that needed to be thrown away, or put away. This is what my fabric cutting/sewing/ironing table looked like. No room to do any of those things- and more piles.
This table came in very handy this summer, and fit right over the stove, giving me more usable space, but as we are heating our home with the stove this winter, I needed to ditch the table. You can see the chimney in the center, and the basement door to the left. The chimney is the "wall" of my studio, and where it ends. Back in the left corner behind the basement door is where the laundryroom is going to be, hopefully soon.
This photo is taken from the basement door area. You can see my messy tables, and my fabric wall. The wood cupboards on the left and in the middle hold all my paper/craft supplies.
Lookie here- more junk piles! And a filthy floor, and a view into the messy pantry area under the stairwell. On the right of the photo is the paper cabinet you saw in the last photo. It was so messy in the pantry area- this is where the litter boxes are, and there were so many boxes and piles of junk, you couldn't even turn around in there. Really yucky and a waste of space.
Notice how there are just boxes and piles everywhere. Not very efficient use of space at all. Check out the next post to see what it looks like now.


Pamela said...

Oh, now that is such fun! You are going to get such a "hit" with the after glory of your project.

I loved the Crankshaft cartoon:) Enlarging photos on your blog has such benefits!

Thanks for sharing, and yes, love and admiration, is unconditional and with out fear. You go girl!


Needleroozer said...

Thanks, Pamela! ;-)