Friday, June 22, 2007


The Girl and I are trying to get everything washed and packed today, while she is feeling anxious. She needs lots of attention and help doing things today. The Fine Young Man seems to be at a loss for something useful to do on his own, and I think he is a bit jealous of the attention the Girl is getting. So, I have had him clean the kitchen, and the bathroom.

I sent him out to mow the lawn, and he comes in telling me there is a problem. He poured oil into the mower, then thinking it wasn't the right oil, he dumped it out onto the driveway. Sigh. Now what oil there was in the mower is on my driveway, and he can't mow the lawn. And now, he took litter from the cat litter pan, to put on the huge oil slick in my driveway, and there are cat turds on top.

I find it hard to believe that in primitive and past societies, he would be considered an adult at the age of 15. Sigh. Someone tell me he will grow up. Please. And someone tell me the Girl will be fine traveling on her own and won't puke in the lap of a flight attendant.

I wish the Dude was home. Good Lord, help me get through this day without saying the F word- again. Yes, I admit it, I freaked when I saw the oil in my driveway. I am such a bad mom.


amy@thefoilhat said...

(((LB))) Everything will all work out - really it will. And, forgive me but the oil slick topped with cat turds is totally cracking me up (because it wasn't one of my kids). Hang in there.

andie said...

Aww. First of all, I'm glad Amy broke the ice by laughing. (Of course, I just think the word *turd* itself is funny sounding, so I was bound to giggle a bit regardless.)

You, my dear, are *not* a terrible mom. Your PG is leaving, everyone is feeling it. Things will settle down to the normal level of craziness soon, I promise.

No promises about the puke, but even if she does, well...better on the flight attendant than her new clothes...? (Okay, not so reassuring, that. Sorry.) ;) She'll do fine, no matter what. She has all of us praying and wishing her there safe and sound. And, we'll add Intestinally Sound, too.

Needleroozer said...

Thanks for laughing, guys. That helped.
And for the good wishes. She will be fine, and so will I. I just didn't anticipagte this stress, I guess.
Oh how I wish I could drink! Or eat chocolate. Or enjoy an illegal substance or two. Too bad I am out of vicadin!
Thanks, ladies.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're ahead of me, I have horse turds in my driveway, and they're considerably bigger.

Our insane boy age around here seems to be 12, then after that they start to have some sense. Only a little at first, mind you, but by the time we hit 15-16 it's lots better. Ours spend summers working in the hay fields, does wonders.


dee said...

Oh Lord have you got a reason to whine-and then some. Thanks for stopping by-it's like a blast from the past. Dave's Angels and all. Kids-no matter how old they get-will be the finish of us-stay strong. Sending good wishes your way.

dee said...

almost forgot-the "turd" thing is hilarious.

melissa said...

First off, Flight Attendants are used to that, and all will be well. PG is spreading her wings...just what you've all worked so hard for.

As for the cat turds, that's just a few more that you don't have to clean out of the box! Cat Sh*t belongs outside! (that's a lil' joke,there)

Anyway,just breathe. In and out, in and out. You can do this. You can all do this.

Pamela said...

I am giggling too ~ at the memories you're making, eh?

My sister got on a plane to France when she was a teen, speechless, in a seemign daze and a dastardly shade of green. The folks were sure they were insane allowing their youngest off on this so called adventure.

Baby sister called home some time later, having the time of her life with a group of teenage French students. She's all grown up now and travels stress free every chance she gets. She just returned from Turkey and spent a week in Paris back in February.

If we do what we love ~ the rest really does follow!

...and kitty litter, kitty by products and motor oil find their right and perfect place somehow too :)



GailV said...

The cat turds on the driveway are never quite so funny in person as they are on a blog, are they. But, really, you couldn't make up a funnier story -- that's the great thing about reality. And maybe it's okay that you used the F word, since if you'd exclaimed "sh*t!" it would've been a bad pun.