Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sigh. It finally got me.

Well, the low-level headache I have had for the last 6 days has finally decided to turn into a migraine. I have given in and am tucked up in bed, and will only be going out to take the Boy to school and pick him up. If I knew the bus schedules better, I would just have him do that, but it takes too much energy to look them up.

I will try to post later, but right now, I am just curling up with my favorite quilt, two cats, and some hydrocodone. The Boy is sitting over at Papa's desk, supposedly writing the second draft of a paper. Gotta shake this, as I am spending the day with Gramma tomorrow. I know from experience that a headache and a needy elderly lady don't mix. Think calm, healthy brain thoughts, ok? The last thing I need with the Dude away is one of those scary-daddy migraines from two winters ago!


melissa said...

Sending prayers your way. Hope that you are feeling all better! It is tough living the solo- parent-but-married life! For awhile after dh started traveling for long stretches, I tried to do everything that I had always done, in the same way that I always done it. Bad idea. I had to learn to let some stuff slide.
Hope that tomorrow is good!

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Feel better very soon! I wish you the very best. I get migraine and hate it.

Ami said...

I'm really sorry that you have a headache. You know that I can sympathize as a fellow sufferer. I haven't tried Vicodin yet, but Percocet is definitely a good friend at a time like this.
{{{Hugs to you}}}

Bridget said...

I hope you got rid of the migraine. I have suffered from them since I was a teenager and I know they just do you in. Here's to a good day with your Gramma.

Pamela said...

Knowing your perfection, and looking forward to hearing about your wonderful recovery! Hang in there.

Prince Charming and I were just talking about how we both got around on buses all by ourselves for years, starting in our early teens. I say boy goes and figures it out himself! We didn't have the internet back in the day, I used the phone if schedule brochures and charts were unavailable. Great way for him to develop those life skills and a sense of accomplishment :)

Toodles ~ say hi to Grama!