Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update: Other news

In other news:
I was getting dressed the other morning, when I happened to look over and see Catkin drop a MOUSE on my bed. A few shrieks later, and the Dude has disposed of my "gift". You can be sure that after telling Catkin thank you, I proceeded to change that bed and wash all the linens, faster than you can blink. I will try to get a picture of Catkin today, but with the Girl gone, he rarely leaves our bed these days, and Papa is fighting a nasty headache today.

The Boy made beautiful french toast last weekend. I noticed Papa bought some good-looking raising bread. Me-thinks there is french toast in my future, that I don't have to make!

The Boy also took the bus, transfering once, to his friend's house yesterday. I let him, and yes, I worried about him; and yes, I took time for myself, fitting in laundry and blogging in addition to a nap.

Still no letter from the Girl. I am hoping for one today. I need to write her tonight. I miss her. I am also enjoying my time alone with the Boy. I think he is, too.

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Pamela said...

Oh, those kitties do bring us their precious treasures don't they? What a good cat mama not freaking too bad! You remembered to thank kitty :)

Yay boy for his bus success!

~ and yae you for enjoying all the prosperity that has come, and is coming, your way.