Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tidbit #14: FiberPlay 2007

Want to look at cool art? Visit Fiberplay 2007.


Pamela said...

Good morning busy lady:)

Say, I was looking at your side bar. Under "family blogs" Who is Nephew Kludge? Gorgeous sushi picture this am :)

Create a great day,


Needleroozer said...

Kludge is really P, who is Papa's sister K's Boy. He used to have a cool blog where he posted cute video's of his daughters, but decided he didn't want them on the internet anymore.

Pamela said...

Ahhhh.... I love those types of blogs, and yep, the few I have come across mostly coworkers and friends, eventually took them down or made them only accessible by invitation/password. So sad, I’d like to think we can all just show up and be who we are and share, but alas, not everyone has that experience.

Thanks for the clarification