Friday, June 29, 2007

Tidbit # 14? Hi there!

Hey all.
It has been a weird week for me, but I want to do some updates, and the Boy is gone, so I can use "his" computer without him breathing down my neck. He has been working on learning study habits this week. We started back at 15 minute timed sessions, he schooling, me cleaning. By this morning, he was working for 2 30 minute sessions witha five minue break in there. Not too shabby. He is still struggling with writing and grammar on a daily basis, but he is making an effort. The one on one is good for him. I still struggle with his constant noise making. At some point the child will get that silence is a good thing evry once in a while. Hopefully he will get that life lesson before I did. Sigh. It's all good.

So while you go get your tea or java, I will load some pictures, and let's play catchup!

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Pamela said...

Good job school mistress LB ~ patience is a virtue that I am afraid I don't always have. Teens help me appreciate the great teachers that are out there and able to successfully navigate the world we share with hormonally charged beings exploring in so many ways! Good for you that you remember some of the experiences and make a bit of room for them.

Thanks for sharing.

P :)