Friday, June 01, 2007

Freaky Friday

Ever wake up feeling mentally great, but physically ill at the same time? That is me this morning. I am in a great humour, but feel a summer cold coming on. My nose is runny, my head really hurts, and I have a tickle in my throat that I know will be a cough soon. Darn it! I need my voice tomorrow- couldn't the cold wait till Sunday morning to kick in? I will be running to the store to get some Cold-Eze soon.

Everything is ready for tomorrow's recital, except for the minor detail of disposable table cloths. Last year, we bought those long rectangular plastic tablecloths, and cut them up and taped them together to cover the large round tables in the fellowship room at the church. This covered the tables, but looked really tacky, and took time to do.

When we were at the church yesterday, the kids' Godfather (GF) showed me the kind they used, and told me they had them at Cash N Carry (a really wierd store where you buy things in even larger quantities than at Costco) or Costco. We found the CNC store, and they had the tablecloths, but they were $5. each. We have to cover nine tables, I just can't see paying $45. for something I am going to use for 2 hours and then throw away. (I know, I know, I am cheap, but you knew that!) So I went all the way back to my Mom's and drug her to the Costco (she has the membership card, we haven't shopped there in years) near her house, only to find that they didn't have the round tablecloths there. Sigh. I know it isn't a big deal, but I just want everything to look perfect. We shall see what I can come up with today, without it taking up my whole day. We left the house at 8 am yesterday, and did not get home till after 9 pm- I do not want another day like that!! Wears me out just remembering it!

Once I actually get my sick bumm out of bed, I have to get down into the studio today. I have got to get those fabric postcards started. I couldn't get to sleep last night, so was looking at this great blog, FaeryDi's. I watched her Flicker slideshow- she has some great examples of fabric postcards there. So I have some inspiration, now to get down there and do some stuff of my own.

Ok, that is the plan for today. That and listening to the Piano Girl practice for several hours (lucky me!;-). She sounds great, but needs a bit of finesse on just a couple of spots in a couple of pieces. I hope we see you there tomorrow!

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Pamela said...

Hang in there! Envision how you want it all to come together and remember to breathe :)

Idea for future: Value Village has great gently used linens. Watch for coordinating colors and create your own collection. You won't have to toss disposables, can reuse, and I bet that resonated with your earth friendliness :)

Another idea is pick up a bolt of inexpensive fabric, edge on your sewing machine and voila! Our designer friend Cathy does this for events a lot, she had some musical note print and some wild bright color fabric that we used for Choir events over and over!

With your talented children, I bet you're going to have load of these events these in your future. How great is that?!

See you tomorrow :)