Friday, June 29, 2007


Taking care of the Girl's chickens has been good. This is hard work! I think we will be visiting the Seattle Titlth Garden as soon as she gets back. The day PG is due home, they are having a chicken/garden fair. We will miss that, but I think it will be good for her to have her chicken interest to offset the intensity of her piano work.

Ok, so here are some pictures of the mean and nasty blueberry blossom eating chickens. Not really mean and nasty, so much as dusty, but that's okay.THis one is either Goldie, or Chicky-Boo, and no, I can't tell which one is my bird, and which one is the Girl's. They are both golden-laced Wyandottes that look the same to me. Anyway, which exact chicken it is of not the issue. The issue is that she is underneath my blueberry bushes- the bushes my family has been giving me for the last 4 years, on my birthday.

This one is Lucy. Miss K, from our nature study group named her. Lucy is a white-laced wyandotte. Look at the way she is just sitting there, like she owns the whole bed, not just this one poor, berry-less bush. Darn birds.
Now this darn bird has a story to tell! This is Ida, who is some kind of white chicken. (Yeah, Yeah, I know the Girl would know her breed.)

She was out wandering the yard on about Tuesday, and when it came time to put the chickens in, she was no where to be found. The Men took to the road, and I searched the back yard. All we came up with were feathers rom a pile two houses down the road. We thought for sure she had been carried away. I wondered how I was going to tell the Girl I lost a chicken on my watch. Anyhow, the Boy and I slept in the following morning, so I didn't get out to the chickens till about 10 am. Who is waiting at the gate, but Ida. I picked her up, and it looks like she is just missing one row of feathers right down her breast bone- no blood, no teethmarks. Whew! Boy did I luck out- now I have a cool story to tell the GIrl, rather than an admission of guilt from the chicken-sitter. And again, I say, "Whew!".


Pamela said...

What a great story! So glad it ends well. How fun to imagine what she may have been up to. I bet it’s nothing like what we think!

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are all so lovely, even if they are a bit too close to the birthday berries! Are you getting any for your snackin? I got about 5 strawberries, ambrosia, but only 5!!

Create a great day,

P :)

Pamela said...

I was just scrolling thru your blog, enjoying the “chicken in the garden” pics again and saw "Seattle Tilth". Do you remember when boy was wee and we went to a PCC picnic their? Walking thru the demonstration gardens, looking at all the life stages of lady bugs? Beautiful beans on teepees? I have a great picture of you and boy with face paint, grins and Mo too!! Some good times. Thanks for the memories~
P :)

Anonymous said...

ok the chicken with the gold is Chicky-Boo. and lucy is a silver laced wyandotte. there are white ones however. Ida is a whitre orpington. Just wanted to clarify for readers