Sunday, June 24, 2007

Random musings

Every Sunday, I get the Joggles Newsletter in my email inbox. Every Sunday, I read the wonderful descriptions of new products. Every Sunday, I put a bunch of art supplies on my Joggles Wishlist. But I haven't been creating anything. I don't feel like an artist- I feel like an artist wanna-be. I am not better than my son. I am constantly telling him if he wants to be a scholar, he needs to work- hard. He struggles daily with this. Are we inately lazy? What aspect of our selves (specifically those little voices in our heads that don't seem to want us to be successful) are we letting stop us? What does it take to be a doer, and not a gonna-do-it-someday-er?

One thing stopping me lately are these damn allergy headaches. I am okay during the middle of the day, but by the time I go to bed, my head is jut throbbing, and no amount of over the counter drugs seems to help. When I wake up, the pain is dulled, but it doesn't seem to ever ease up. It has been a month now of daily allergy symptoms/ headaches, and it is slowing me down. I feel extra cranky, too.

Now, I realize in the scheme of things, that this is an excuse for not creating, and making things happen. Whether my head hurts or not, if I want to do/be something, I have to do/be it. Onward and upwards.

The Papa Dude is fetching my Mama right now, she will be here any minute, and will be raring to go. There is a huge pile of clothes on the couch waiting for her, and lots of laundry still to do. It is misting outside, so we will be giving my poor, sad, tired excuse of a dryer a workout insted of hanging the clothes on the line today. There will be no lying in bed for me today. I best stop thinking and complaing, and get on with it. I am alive, and that is a good thing to be.



Ami said...

I wonder about motivation frequently. I have a story in my head. Some of it is even written and stored on the computer in my bedroom. It's a wonderful story. It came to me one night as I was going to bed, and played in my head like a movie. It was 'on' until 2 a.m. and I didn't want to go to sleep and miss anything. I've never had anything like that happen to me before or since. What will motivate me to finish writing it?

And don't get me started on the laundry. OMG the laundry. I gt motivated to do that because I like to wear clean clothes.

But I don't like it.

StegArt said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You do flatter me! I'm glad you enjoyed browsing the blogs that I enjoy. And I still feel like an artist-wanna-be almost all the time...just keep plugging away, is my motto.

Needleroozer said...

But Terri, you *are* making art on a daily basis! I just read, read, read about other people doing it, on blogs, and in books. I have a great space to create in, and I have been buying/collecting fun stuff to use, and reading about new techniques, but I am not doing any of it. Big difference in the way the two of us are operating!!!

Ami- write it down, Girl!! To be it, we have to do it!!

Patty in WA or Rover said...

Dear Friend, I am going to be BOSSY here. OK?

You talk about planning to spend 2 hours a day creating, from 0 to 2 hours in one swell foop--and then wonder why you fail. This has been the story of my life. The fact is, there are not 2 free hours in your life right now. But you CAN find 15 minutes. So do it. Find 15 minutes and go down to your studio and START something. You have space to leave it out. Do that much.

The funny thing is that 15 minutes easily turns into an hour...but an hour (as a goal) turns into NOTHING because it is overwhelming.

Baby steps, my friend.


Bridget said...

I'm sorry about the headaches, we have the same thing going on here. They don't ever seem to go away, just slow down to a dull roar every so often. Good luck on getting the motivation back.

Pamela said...

Ah, the joys of being human! I love it that your shared life experience mirrors so much of what we all experience. Hmmm...truth in the saying that we are all part of the one?

Such wisdom in your blog community. I love the shared stories of challenges, we all have days that we feel we are less than our perfection, and we all have days where we know our fabulousness. ~ and thank goodness we have friends and pals that remind us of our magnificence on the days where we just can't see it. Remember yesterday when you scraped me off the floor? :) Much better today, in no small part to LB, or should I say "Needleroozer therapy!!
Hang in there dear one, oo, and revisit some of your own blogs from the days that were so visibly fabulous. Great on line journal tool.

Thanks for sharing,