Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Hate Shopping

Golly, do I hate it! 4 hours in the mall, with oodles and oodles of people who all look like they do this for FUN! Yuck! But our neighbor gave us some monies for clothes, and the Piano Girl does leave in less than a week, so we needed to get some stuff.

We bout 4 pairs of shoes, including our families first pair of Crocs, the 2 most modest swimsuits we could find ( tough job!), 2 pairs of navy blue chino pants, and 2 of chino shorts, a navy blue skort, a green tshirt, 2 pairs of gym shorts, 10 pairs of undies, and a pretzel (had to be the worst pretzel I ever had) and lemonade for sustenance.

We still have lots of stuff to buy, but I think we will be ordering it from Interlochen. Polo ans sweatshirts, etc. all with Interlochen plastered all over them. I will make sure to buy them huge, and she can just wear logo shirts this fall!

My wonderful Dude told us he was going to just drop us at the mall, and run errands and then go home. Instead, he was at our sides 30 minutes later, and stayed the whole four hours! He carried our packages, helped me find the right sizes, and kissed me on the forehead to keep me calm when I started to get cranky with all the nutso people who seemed to be enjoying themselves walking directly in front of me as slowly as humanly possible.

What an amazing man he is! Those who know me know we don't celebrate mother's or father's day here, but instead choose to acknowledge each other whenever given the opportunity. But I told my Dude I give him 3 gold stars for all his help today.



Ami said...

I'm so happy that your fundraising was a success, and I hope for a wonderful experience for your Piano Girl!!

mindy said...

I really hate shopping, too!! The older I get, the more I dislike the experience. I'm so glad you survived.

Pamela said...

What a wonderful sharing blog. Your writing is so rich is painted an absolutely vivid picture in my mind. Isn't it a hoot being human? Especially when some of those other humans sharing a little more space with us that we would like.

It sounds like you accomplished an amazing quantity of stuff! ...and the memories you have made, eh? I think the fella deserves a full five GOLD stars. What a dear partner. Carrying bags alone would make him a Prince! Especially with your neck and back. The thought of you and Piano girl juggling and struggling makes me wince a little just thinking about it. ~ But you didn't have to! Yae!!! Who's attracting their good yet again?! Oohoo!

Looking forward to hearing the next chapter....



Dy said...

I'm glad you surivived. I don't think I'd want Zorak to stay with us at the mall. But I'm really glad Papa Dude was a calming influence.